HIMGA Board Minutes




HIMGA Board meeting

November 9, 2022

Jack called the meeting to Order with the following members present: Jack Deaton, Ed Clark, Terry Bushay, and David Baker.

The minutes from the October meeting were read. They Board approved the minutes as read.

The responsibilities of the Secretary were discussed. The Secretary will be in charge of the following duties:  Distribute and print sufficient registration forms by email, HIMGA website, and posting in the Pro Shop; create and keep up to date the roster of members with contact information; send contact information on the Board members for the website; and send notification to Board member regarding meetings.

The Finance report showed $4,711.90 balance in the checking account, with $230.82 in the credit account, for a total available of $4,942.72. Recent expenditures were Trophies--$178.49, Prize money for Club Championship--$900.00, and approximately $500 for the Annual Breakfast (paid from credit account).

There was question about possibly having afternoon play. It was suggested that we might have a trial run for two times in the 2023 season during the Spring and Fall. Then we would evaluate after these trials regarding the number of players participating and further interest.

Since concern has been raised about the use of green tees, the Board would like to check on the difference in handicaps for white vs. green tee usage.

The next meeting was set for December 14, at 9 am.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by

David Baker, Secretary