HIMGA Board Minutes



HIMGA Board Meeting  (Not yet approved by the Board)

March 8, 2023


Jack called the meeting to order with the following members present: Fred Neely, Jack Deaton, Terry Bushay, and David Baker.


The minutes from the February 8 meeting were read. No corrections. MOTION: by Fred seconded by Jack to approve the minutes. Approved. The Board needs someone to help with the website.


Ed was not able to attend this meeting, so David read his report. The current balance is $5,039.22 with a credit balance of $230.82 for a total available of $5,270.04. The total includes $420 in 2023 Dues, with 13 players signed up. 1 is a new player signed up in November, 1 other new player and 11 renewals (3 over 80 years of age). Report approved.


This year there will be assigned tee times for the 18 hole players. It is permitted for a player who usually plays 18 to sign up for the 9 hole event. There was a question bout how many times this can happen. To do this the player must sign in early, or he cannot play.


Breakfast agenda for March 28:

          Call to Order, Prayer, and Pledge


          Topics to coveróRule changes (# of handicap rounds required)

                    --Fee change, Tee Times, Match Play completion

                    --Flower beds

                    --New members and ones over 80

                    --Other issues and discussion


There was discussion about how quickly the next match should be played during the Match Play event. MOTION: by Terry, seconded by Jack, that in the Match Play Tournament the next match must be completed in 1 week from the conclusion of the previous match. Approved.


Being no further business, MOTION: by Fred, seconded by Terry, that we adjourn. Approved. Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by,

David Baker, Secretary