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HIMGA Board Minutes

October 12, 2022

The monthly meeting of the HIMGA Board was called to order by Jack with the following members present: Fred Neely, Ed Clark, Wally Kratzer, Ernie Christian, Jack Deaton, Terry Bushay, Dave Moon, and David Baker.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read.  MOTION: by Ernie, seconded, that the minutes from the September meeting be approved. Approved.

Ed brought the finance report. The current balance in the checking account is $5,692.93 with $.23 cents of interest.

We received a Thank You note from the Elks saying that they appreciated our sponsorship in the amount of $200.

The following officers were elected: President—Jack Deaton; Vice President—Ernie Christian; Secretary—David Baker; Treasurer—Ed Clark; Tournament Chair—Terry Bushay; Tee Box coordinator—Fred Neely; and 9 Hole Coordinator—Dave Moon. The Board expressed much thanks to the following Board Members who will rotate off the Board: Wally Kratzer, Dave Makidon, and earlier this year, Rich Rose.

There was discussion regarding items to be presented at the HIMGA Breakfast: 1) low handicap players using the Green Tees. The Board proposes that players who are 75 and older with a handicap above 10 may use the Green Tees, and anyone with a handicap greater than 22 may use the Green Tees. All others must use the White Tees, with the exception of those qualifying by age for the Silver Tees. 2) The Board also proposes that we have a Clean-up Day in the Spring. 3) Match Play tournament: MOTION: by Ernie, seconded by Wally, that next matches must be played with 7 days of the completion of the last match. Approved. 4) MOTION: by Ernie, seconded by Dave, that for the 2023 season, our annual registration fee per player will return to $35. Approved.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by

David Baker, Secretary