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HIMGA Board Meeting

December 14, 2022

 The meeting was called to order by President Jack Deaton, with the following members present: Ernie Christian, Jack Deaton, Ed Clark, Terry Bushay, Fred Neely and David Baker.

 Ed reported that the current bank balance is $4,702.10, with a credit balance of $230.82, for a total of $4,932.92. There are 87 players on the roster, with 15 being over 80 years of age. Ed recommended some changes to the budget. Most expenses will need to be increased due to inflation. We need to add a meal for the flowerbed volunteers. For income, we hope to receive $750 from sponsors, about #1,700 from dues, and $700 from initiation fees. This year we have been about $600 over budget this year.

 The minutes from the previous meeting, November 9, were read. MOTION: by Terry, seconded by Ernie, that we approve the minutes as reported.  Approved. {I donít know what happened with the upper case. Got it fixed}

 The Board is still discussing the how to handle the use of Green Tees for players.

 The Board discussed the number of handicap events a player must play before tournament events. MOTION: by David, seconded by Terry, that a player must play in 2 handicap events to qualify for the Shoot Out, 7 before the Match Play, and 10 before the Club Championship. Approved. The reasoning is that a player must establish a current handicap before playing in these individual competitive events. This will need to be publicized through our registration flyer and on HISID Happenings.

The January meeting may be held later than usual.

 The simulator has been purchased. Lorene would like to set up a league for winter play. 

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

 Respectfully submitted by

David Baker, Secretary